Half Empty

by Scared Of Bears

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Thanks a ton for listening.

Album art by Ben Braunagel


released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Scared Of Bears Spokane, Washington

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Track Name: Driveway
snow covered my car in your driveway
as I waited for you to come out
I never take the highway
I take the scenic route
when I look down at your face
you know what I’m thinking about
I’ll destroy the human race
if you let me out

but I
I’ve got this
I’ve got this figured out you’re all about
the way you look and feel right now
but I
I want this
more than any person has before
I’ll leave your backpack on the floor
but I’m gone

I wanna die
I wanna die
on the phone in your room not talking to you
I wanna lie
I wanna lie
in your bed what I said meant nothing to you

but I
I’ve got this
I’ve got this figured out you’re all about
the way you look and feel right now
but I
I want this
more than any person has before
I’ll leave your backpack on the floor
but I
I lost it
I lost my self control my sanity
my apathy’s a tragedy
but I’ve got so much more to take than give
will you forgive me for this
Track Name: Quit Your Job
got in the car sat on my sunglasses
it’s not that bad they were old and cheap anyway
it’s my luck
this always happens
on the brightest day of the year
and I’m here

to make moves make friends
make myself happy and angry all at the same time
get in line
get a life
get behind me
I know where I’m going
we’ll talk when we get there

and everyone here
just wants to go home
degreaser bottles and moms on their phones
I’m tired I ache
I fucking hate this place
and I’d pay to be alone

I’m sorry I’m late
I just can’t stand you
for more than a day
after an hour or two
I break
and oh by the way
I was the voice you ignored yesterday
thank god

I would hate to be noticed
acknowledged in thought
thank god
Track Name: I'm Sorry Too
I’m sorry I’m sorry if tell the same boring story
again and again
I’m sorry for humming the song that you hate
couldn’t help it
it’s stuck in my head
I’m sorry if I don’t say sorry or thank you or bless you
don’t think I’m an asshole
I’d take you where you wanna go to eat
if I wasn’t so broke

I might cry tonight
please put down your phone
I think your dad was right
not hard to live alone
and when I cry tonight
you won’t put down your phone
I hope your dad was right

I’m sorry
I’ll change
Track Name: Forget Me
I wanna find a new perspective
I wanna see the light
I wanna fight
I wanna run I wanna walk I wanna crawl
anywhere but here
‘cause when you’re near me
I cannot think
I can’t think clearly
and when I’m gone
you’re bothering me constantly
and when I’m here you’re nowhere near
but when you’re here you want me gone

I know
that i’ve got a lot of things to do
and I can do them with or without you
oh no
I don’t want this to last
and if you ever look back
forget me
Track Name: Smoothies
well if you ask me to
I’ll do what I don’t want to
if you don’t wanna hang tonight
that’s fine alright
that’s fine alright alright
we’ve got so much time
you’ve got so much patience
I’ve been feeling better
ever since we’ve been together
make this forever

well if you ask me to
I’ll do what I don’t want to
it’s only been a couple days
I’m going crazy
lost my mind
I’ve been wearing thin
you’ve been carrying
me around this hotel room
I’m so uncool
please kill me

send me to my room again
I’m acting up
I’m so ungrateful
every time we turn around
I drag you down
we’re so unstable

don’t give up on me now
we’ll get through this somehow
I know you’ve been feeling down
we’ll get through this somehow
Track Name: Tsunami
ask me what I did today and I’ll complain again
never left my couch
let alone my house
ask me how I feel right now and I will cry
ask me where I’ve been and I will say inside

I need food
I need money
I need something
I’ve got nothing at all
I have food
I have money
I’m sorry
I lied

ask me what I did today and I’ll complain again
never left my couch
let alone my house
ask me how I feel right now and I will cry
ask me where I’ve been and I will say inside
but that’s a lie
Track Name: Shut Up
going to bed now
going to sleep
at least that’s what I’ll say
if you try and call me
I feel tired
I feel sad
when I think of what we could’ve had

I talked to you twice
about your dog or something
you are everything
and I am nothing
your company
ain’t fun to me

shut up about your issues
you’ve got nothing worth saying
I really got nothing to lose
practicing conversation
I’ll listen to anyone
anyone but you
Track Name: Who Are You?
you are the feeling that I get the first time it snows
you are the reason I’m still here
you are the window in my bedroom that I never close
you’re the silence that I fear
you’re the heat in my car on the longest drive
a temporary sensation
you’re the key to a heart that I wish was mine
a private investigation

and I
I miss you
I need you
who are you
and I
I love you
I hate you
who are you

you are the feeling that I get when I first wake up
you are the reason I’m so tired
you are the boring stories I don’t know why I make up
you set my parents house on fire
you’re the melody that will never leave my head
please say anything
I keep everything you said
in my head
Track Name: 6 Hours
she told me everything about her bedroom
and the mat in her bath in her bathroom
and the allergies her mom has to her cat
I’ll never forget that

6 hours spent
alone in my head
alone in your bed
I wish I was dead
6 hours spent
alone in my head again

you make promises and you keep them
I break promises when you need them

I don’t have a job right now
and I can’t hang out my car broke down
but you still talk to me
and that’s rad
I know that we just met
but you didn’t seem too upset
when I told you I loved you
before you knew my name

but who’s to blame
Track Name: Squirtgun
if when I pick you up my car gets stuck it's no surprise
I wanna talk to you in gas station parking lots all night
if when I drop you off you wanna hang out more
we can go back home and meet your roommates
I'll say

hi my name is Andrew and I guess it's nice to meet you
if again I never see you then I don't think you or I would mind
I wanna go back to your room
put on a record or two
I'm down with anything you wanna do
you want to do

I don't regret the time we spend
you're nothing less than perfection
and if I said too much too soon
I'm sorry 
I just hope I never lose you
Track Name: Real Life
is this real
why do I feel
so alone when I am not alone
for the first time in years
is this real
why do I steal everything that I can
I’m a dishonest man
wanna cry but I can’t

tell my friends that I’ll be gone
tell me secrets and I’ll turn ‘em into songs
I swear
everything is going wrong
but I’ll be gone
gone by this time next year
but I’ll be wrong
I’ll be here

I’ve got
nothing left
is 16 bucks enough cash to clear my head
and I want
nothing less
than someone here
and maybe one good night of rest
Track Name: Wannabe
talking walking arguing in circles
you and I are from two different worlds
patient waiting for it to kick in
for him to give
and to give up the girl
I don’t want to
I don’t want to
but I have to
lord I need to
I don’t want to
scream for help through a phone
but if I don’t I’ll feel alone

we’ve got nothing left in common
and everything’s the problem
I think I need some space
I’ll fall flat on my face

there’s a lot of things to do I don’t wanna do
I just wanna be with me myself and possibly you
I wanna call in sick and stay home
I wanna call you but I know you never answer your phone
you’re so crucial
you’re so serious
I’m so useless
how did I do this
I’m the intruder of my personality
I’m never even half as confident as I wanna be

I’m not as confident as I wanna be
Track Name: Nightlight
if you don’t wanna go downtown just say so
and if you wanna go home now that’s fine
I’m sorry if I bug you on the way home
I’ve got a lot to say and not much time

I’ll be your nightlight
I’ll be your Christmas Eve
I’ll be the company you never need
I’ll never leave

If you don’t wanna talk it out just say so
I wouldn’t wanna waste any more time
I’m sorry if I call you on the way home
I just need your voice to clear my mind

it’s really not as hard as it seems
just put your trust in everything
but me
it’s really not as hard as it seems
I don’t even trust me anymore
Track Name: Sleepover
I’ve been diggin the way you been living
at my house
more than yours
if you’re uncomfortable I can sleep on the floor
I’ll vacuum my room
I’ll hang up my shirts
I’ll scream I’m happy until it hurts
I don’t know
you don’t know
we’re clueless
sweaters collected on my floor
if you want it I guess it’s yours

and you don’t wanna talk about this
I couldn’t fall asleep without this
and do you tell your friends about me
are you happy when you’re not around me
I won’t let the shallow water drown me
why do I let the things I hate surround me
sometimes I think you think of life without me
is the writing in your room about me

tell me why
you’re smiling
in your sleep
I’m trying
to get a grip
I’m a sinking ship
and you’re the worst
so cut me up
to prove that I’m not hurt
Track Name: Half Empty
fuck me up
kill me here
I'm going deaf
I cannot
think of anything besides
the regret I will feel tonight
I'm lost at sea
I'll never be
the dude you wanna talk to
confident and cool
comfortable and healthy
with no interest in
you have nightmares in your sleep
I am brittle I am weak
told myself I'm over you
lies like these were overdue

fuck me up
kill me here
I've given up
I'll disappear
and when I'm gone
think of me
when every glass
is half empty

I'm no one to anyone